Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm not posting as regularly as I'd like to, but I will submit evidence that I am still working on my rug hooking project. I started on the border weeks ago, but my progress is slow. I'll blame the spring fever that I've had.

You can see that I'm on row three of what looks like five to complete the border. Every time I take the project out of the hoop to reposition it, it looks so much smaller--and thicker. My instructor has promised that blocking will make all the difference, so I look forward to seeing what happens next.

While catching up with other blogs, I came across pictures of Andrea's Adam and Eve samplers on her site, Deep Fried Cupcake. I've linked to her April 13 post, but if you are interested, check out the other A&E samplers on her April 19 and May 2 posts. Gorgeous!

My only contribution is the photo above of an Adam and Eve sampler I finished in 1988. I certainly like the genre. Now that I've seen Andrea's pieces, I want a collection! If there were only more hours in the day for cross stitch!


Kim B said...

Your rug hooking looks great! And I love seeing your 1988 finish! What fun to see something from years ago!

staci said...

Your rug is looking good. Your Adam and Eve sampler is fabulous!!!

A said...

Well I just love that old A&E!! Classic sampler, very pretty!
I am really stuck on these...
have you seen the new one from Carriage House Samplings?

Erica said...

Hi Teri
Thanks for taking the time to comment on my sampler. I really appreciate it!
I love your rug hooking. I bought a new rug frame last fall, but I have yet to use it. Just too many projects! I am currently in the middle of a room-size braided rug that I would really like to finish by the fall. (Ha)!
I still don't have a picture of my toothbrush rug. As soon as I get one I will post it. Basically they are made from strips of fabric that are pulled together with a large needle. The needles used to be made from filed-down toothbrushes (hence the name). Today however, you can buy the needles. It is similar to crocheting. I made mine from t-shirts.