Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Roads Lead To...

...a new craft project! At least that's been the case for me this fall. It's hard to believe that September and October are behind us, but I was able to spend most of my favorite season on the go. My husband and I vacationed in West Virginia and Virginia, and I spent several weekends in Ohio with my sister for two major events: the Country Living Fair in Columbus, and the Springfield Antique Show Extravaganza. Talk about two fun-filled weekends and a week's worth of beautiful mountain scenery! I could go on and on about our travels, but I'll stick to the crafty bits that followed me home.

Now that the projects can be seen in one place at one time, it doesn't look as bad as I had imagined. Lord knows I don't need another project, but I'm not one to resist temptation when it comes to the fun stuff! One of the booths at the Country Living Fair showcased finished quilts and punchneedle designs, so I bought my first punchneedle kit: the two Christmas sheep in the center of the photo above. Prior to this kit, I had admired the small designs, but I just hadn't found one that I liked well enough to buy. This one definitely caught my attention as did two others.

As for the latch hook kits, it has been many years since I've worked one of those, but these two already hold sentimental value. My niece made me a latch hooked kitty pillow when she was 9 (she's now 19) that looked like the cat I had at that time: a little black and white tuxedo cat. We now have two cats we adopted almost two years ago: another little tuxedo and a big yellow fellow. Now how could I resist?

Finally, I'm still stitching away on the kitty ornament. I'm almost ready to begin the backstitching! This little cross stitch project has seen a lot of miles this fall, but not once did I find time to stitch on any of my fall romps.

Now that it's darker earlier, perhaps there will be more time for all these projects. And, yes, there's a Christmas project (not saying for what year) in the project photo above thanks to one of my sister's not-so-subtle hints. It definitely pays to hang out together during this time of the year! What new projects have caught your eye this fall? Hope you are all having fun with whatever you are working on!

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