Sunday, October 25, 2009

The John C. Campbell Folk School

In case you think I've been slacking in the crafting department because I've not been very good about posting of late, I'm here to let you in on a little secret about where I've been: the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

When I first learned about the folk school a couple of years ago, I began making plans to go. The school was founded in 1925 by Olive Dame Campbell and Marguerite Butler and is named in honor of Olive's husband, John, who passed away in 1919. Both John and Olive studied Appalachian life and culture during the early 1900s. The school was modeled after Danish folk schools as a way to preserve that culture. Then, as now, the community of Brasstown welcomes visitors and supports the school's mission.

Today, the school offers classes in everything from blacksmithing to woodworking, and all in a noncompetitive and inspiring environment.

I had only a week at the school, but I'm ready to go back. I'm not going to get into the details of the class I took all in this post, since I have plenty to share. But I will leave you with a couple of hints as to what I've been up to. I spent the majority of my time at the Pittman Fiber Arts studio, seen here.

Falling in love with fiber that began here.

Much more to show and tell later. I hope your fall crafting adventures have been fabulous!


Heidi said...

Hi Teri! This place looks thrilling and I cannot wait to see more! Many years ago, I desperately wanted to attend Berea College and do its Appalachian crafts program. My father thought it was such a good idea that when we found out it was only open to Kentucky residents, he wanted to move there so I could attend. I so wishes I could have gone but alas. On the other hand, my life would not have taken the road it did had I done so. I am therefore very interested in this folk school and excited for you that you could attend.

Hugs ~

Kim B said...

You have my attention!

Michelle said...

Oh what a wonderful way to spend a week! Your photos are beautiful, and inspiring, as always. Can't wait to see what you were up to for that week!

Michele B. said...

I am eager to hear more about your sojourn in this inspiring place. What a peaceful retreat. And how are your kitty ornaments? I loved seeing the way your backstitching brought the first one to life.