Saturday, January 26, 2008

Something Old . . .

I mentioned that I had been motivated to pull out some old projects, and I wasn't kidding. How about a work in progress (and I use the term "progress" lightly) from 1998! Any guesses on what this little square could be?
This is one panel out of nine on a chart for Renoir's Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase, 1880-81. Have I mentioned that I have a tendency to select big projects?! Uncharted Territory has a beautiful selection of charts for big projects.
I'm stitching this piece on 14-count Aida, since the entire piece is worked in cross stitch. The stitch count is 14 1/4" w x 17 3/4" h, and there are 97 gorgeous colors in the pattern. Unfortunately, I get this piece out about twice a year, stitch on it for a few days, and then life gets in the way. Yes, it's been ten years in the stitching. This time, I'm hoping it won't be another ten years to completion.

That's all for today. I'm happy to see that I've been able to create a link, post and move around a couple of pictures (the "moving" was a bit of a challenge), but I apologize for the sideways image. I haven't figured out how to correct that problem, as the original shot is a vertical. If you have any suggestion on how to correct, please let me know. Happy stitching!


Lelia said...

Goodness, I cringe to think about some older WIPs in my closet. There is one in particular that I bought in 1998 ... and, it hasn't been touched in some time ... years ... I keep thinking I'll get thru the WIPs I own. I just have to live long enough LOL

Tootie said...

Ha! I have a whole box of "UFOs"....unfinished Objects! Keep plugging away!