Sunday, March 23, 2008

Border Crossing Coming Soon

I spent most of yesterday with a cat and a hoop on my lap. And finally, I completed my center blocks!
I didn't know until I was ready to hook the last row what color I would end on. The choice was made for me, since I had only enough of one of the reds to complete all four squares and still keep the piece as symmetrical as possible.

I definitely like the colors, and I love hooking with the plaids. The combination of solids, plaids, and tweeds adds to the visual texture. I'm already thinking about hooking a couple of mug rugs if I have enough wool left over. Oh, the possibilities!

Here's to future projects!


Kim B said...

Wow that looks great!!

staci said...

WOW, amazing! The colors are so vibrant and stunning! I've always wanted to learn rug-hooking...but I've already got so many other hobbies and projects, alas!!!