Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Happened to Hannah?

Once upon a time, I worked on one cross stitch project at a time. Then two things happened: (1) I began taking small "portable" projects along on vacations and family holidays. The further I had to travel, and especially if I had to go by air, the more portable my projects became, and (2) Hannah Lancaster.

Hannah has been in hiding for a long . . . long . . . long time. I'm embarrassed to tell you just how long. Suffice it to say, Hannah is my oldest unfinished cross stitch project. I don't hate Hannah. In fact, I love Hannah. But she had not seen the light of day until earlier this morning.

It was never my intention to turn Hannah into a UFO. But something happened. A different dye lot happened. I've always worked from my floss box on any project at hand, but while completing Hannah's dress, however, I noticed the dye lot had changed. I was about half-way complete on her dress, so instead of pulling all the stitches out, I finished her frock. About this same time, I also noticed the dye lot had changed on some of the leaves I was working. I continued on; my reason being that if Hannah had run out of a color, or the color had shifted, would she have stopped stitching the area? Probably not.

Every time I took Hannah out, though, I saw the color change in her dress. And finally, sadly, I stopped working on Hannah. I loved her so much, that I didn't have the heart to rip her apart.

I still think of Hannah, so this morning I unrolled her to see what kind of shape she was in. My eyes went immediately to her dress. I cannot see the color change that I know is there. Are my eyes that bad? The lighting? Has she mellowed with age? Was it the roof on the house and not the dress? Beats me. I was going to ask for advice as to what to do - rip it or leave it - but now I can't even see it! Can you?

I'm still shaking my head and have no explanation as to why Hannah now looks perfectly fine. I certainly hope that I'm not disappointed the next time I take her out. And when I do, I'll share more of her story.

Happy stitching!


Kim B said...

She looks good to me!

2rockinkids said...

It looks pretty, leave her as she is. I'm sure stitchers back then didn't worry about dye lots, they were lucky to have threads at all. My Hannah piece is about 1/4 done but the chart was destroyed in a flood a few years back, so mine sits in a drawer.

staci said...

She's lovely!!! Maybe the floss has 'aged' properly now ;) I can't see it, but I know what you mean because I worried about that with my 'Now Abide' UFO/WIP. And I think that's why it stayed hidden away for so long. Now I think of the little color variations as a bit of my stitching history and I've learned to embrace the story it tells :)

Yuko said...

Hi Teri,

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
This sampler is absolutely beautiful and I fell in love with it!
If may I ask that do you remember where did you get this chart???
It's so lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress of Hannah!

carol said...

I would love, love, love to get my hands on this pattern -- I have a huge inventory of repro. sampler patterns if anyone is interested in sharing!