Sunday, June 15, 2008

Planning Ahead

I've learned two things from last week's challenge. If I don't make myself do something creative everyday, I won't. I've spent a good deal of time in the weeds - oops, I meant flower beds, this week, so the week has certainly not been a loss. But, I've not picked the cross stitch or rug hooking back up since last week either. Hmmm. Connection? I think so!

The other thing that I learned from last week's challenge is that I have too many big projects and not enough "little" ones to make me feel like I'm getting more accomplished. So, this afternoon I spent some time planning ahead for a few more portable projects.

Case in point: out came two projects I've posted about before, along with the scissors and fray check.

I cut the fabric for the six kitten ornaments as well as linen for another alphabet block, and I edged them with fray check. Once these dry, they'll be good to go.

My other crafty find for the week was three skirts from a local thrift shop. The 75% off sign at the door caught my attention, but even then I picked three winter items that weren't on sale - in June! The skirts were still very affordable, though, and the money goes to a good cause.

This was my first trip to the thrift store since I started hooking to look for wool items. Two of the skirts are 100% wool. The red plaid did not have a fabric label, but it was dry clean only, felt like wool, and should yield lots of usable material with all the pleats. I figured it was definitely worth the try. I washed and dried these as soon as I brought them in the door, so they are ready to store away for a winter evening when I'm in the mood to take them apart.

I love the colors - especially the red tartan and the plaid with the browns, rusts, and blue. I foresee some kind of rug hooking "sampler" project or notebook in my future just for the fun of keeping track of the various fabrics and how they work up. Oh, the fun!

No challenges for me this week, but I will try to be more conscious about making time for continued creative endeavors. I hope you enjoy your creative plans as well!


Kim B said...

Well it looks like you are making some crafty plans there!

staci said...

You can always find the best stuff at thrift stores when it's out of season ;) Looks like you're going to be busy!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Teri~ Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments!

I definitely agree about working in some smaller projects along with the BAP's. We need to have some quick finishes in there to keep us spurred on!

BeckySC said...

Hello Teri :)
Thank yu for visiting my blog :) I appreciate it and it's very nice to meet you :) I have added your blog to my reader :)